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Not on Safari in Harlesden


I’ll never forget the day in 2011 that my friends and I danced the walkways of Willesden Junction. The impossible happened – we did discover beauty in this hostile, industrial environment. The purple buddleia against the wire fences, the broad smile of the ticket office man as we jumped up and down to Anarchy in the UK, the deep red organza which became a wedding veil, the exquisite tenderness we shared in a dank, dark railway tunnel to the loving tones of Al Green and finally the intimacy and stillness between us as we emerged onto the Grand Union Canal. By the end, I felt as though I was part of a nomadic dancing tribe and I loved it.

So much so that I wanted to do it again. I reflected on all the different stages – from the staccato to  the madness to the stillness – of Dance Willesden…

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Minicab in nw10

Welcome to Harlesden Cars (Private Hire Minicabs) Limited
Harlesden Cars Is one of the longest running Minicab firms in NW London. Established is 1970s over 40 years ago and still going strong. Call us on: 0208 961 2626
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Harlesden Cars is committed to providing the best service possible 24 hours a day. That is reliable, prompt, trusted, low priced and friendly. Harlesden Cars has one of the large fleet of cars within the local area. Over the years we have become one of the leading Minicab provides within Harlesden, Willesden, Acton, Nw10 and nw2. We offer taxi and minicabs service to businesses, school, colleges, individual, group and for family events, just call for more details:0208 961 2626
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We are a trusted firm for over 40 years, all Our drivers are friendly, punctually and knowledgable. Our Moto is Safety and Reliability is our Priority. With a goal to ensure that 100% of our customers satisfied with the service we provided. Our professional team of drivers, reservationists, dispatchers are dedicated group with a single goal to ensure you complete your journey with smile. They are all well trained and experienced to perform at the highest industry standards.
All our vehicle are license and inspected by Transport for London (PCO). All our drivers are DBS check previously known as (CRB).
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Not on Safari in Harlesden

Rose vs Danny

I’m following Dar or Danny into his back room. He’s my local newsagent. And it’s full to the rafters with boxing gloves in red and blue, punch bags, shin guards, footballs with stars on them, shorts, and tops. Yes, in true Harlesden style, this is a newsagent that sells boxing gloves. Another wonderful collision/mash up.

Not only that, but they are all hand sewn in Danny’s family factory in Sialkot, Pakistan. Sialkot, it turns out, (what I mean here is that I went home and googled it) produces the most hand sewn footballs in the world. As for the name, Danny; in the 70s, an Irish friend started calling him Danny and it stuck. His legal first name confusingly is Amjad. And the family name is Dar. The boxing gloves are made by Darco. They used to sell to the US and Danny reckons Mohammed Ali must have worn some…

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W3: Lights, Camera …. Acton?

Walking London one postcode at a time

W3 is Acton and Acton is the place in London with the most railway stations bearing one place’s name. There are seven. They cover all the points of the compass plus Central, Town and Main Line. The curious thing about this is that even though there are 7 stations with the name Acton, none of them is particularly convenient for the town centre, even the so-called Central Station!

We start our walk at Acton’s main Post Office which is in King Street a short pedestrianised road by the Parish Church.

Stop 1a: St Mary’s Church

Our first stop, St Mary’s Church, is across the road from the Post Office. The Church dates back to at least 1228 but the building we see today results from a complete rebuild in the mid 1860s. Some monuments were preserved from the old church but I did not get to see them as the…

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NW10: All generalisations are false – including this one.

Changes are all good but on the other hand it depends what kind of changes

Walking London one postcode at a time

NW10 covers Willesden, Harlesden, Kensal Rise and of course Kensal Green, of cemetery fame. The latter does straddles the NW10/W10 border and so we covered that in W10, given the entrance we used was in W10.

We start in Harlesden at the Royal Mail office for NW10 which is at Numbers 32 – 44 Station Road.

Turn right and walk along Station Road. Soon ahead beyond the junction with Tubbs Lane and Old Oak Lane, you will see our first stop just down Station Approach.

This is Willesden Junction station, which is a bit confusing as we started in Harlesden and Station Road does not lead to Harlesden station.

Stop 1: Willesden Junction station

The first station here was built in 1866 on the main London – Birmingham line replacing an earlier Willesden station (which is close to where the current Harlesden station now is).

A high level station was built by the…

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